Marketing – SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis – A distillation of the findings of the internal and external audits which draws attention to the critical organisational strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and threats facing the company (Kotler, 2004: 58)


StrengthsUnisex magazine with quality – not mainstream, focus on fashion and art – informs about new designers, artists… WeaknessesNiche market – could be a risk as the magazine tries to go away from main stream (doesn’t reach a big readership)

  • Being rare in writing about emerging designers/artists – reaching art interested readers in addition to fashion people (broader readership)
  • Expansion to other countries by publishing it in different languages
  • Bringing advertisers in who don’t want to be associated with mainstream magazines



  • Competition: Magazines as Fiasco, Bullet, Oh Comely



Unique Selling Point (USP): fashion and art magazine for males and females

Gothenburg boots

Originally, I wanted to feature the shoe brand Gothenburg London in my magazine. Therefore, I interviewed the two founders of the brand. As their brand is based in Mayfair and their target consumer is quite affluent and not very much like my target reader I decided to not publish the interview in The FF Magazine.

The interview (please open link):

Interview answers for Kath letterhead

Advertisement and magazine content according to target reader

Part of my (market) research was the analysis of a little survey I had carried out with potential reader. I had made a short questionnaire with following questions:




Which categories you like to find in a magazine?

Which brands do you like? 


I interviewed 21 people – 10 males, 11 females and came up with following results:

Brands they like are Topman, Topshop, Levis, Andy Wolf Eyewear, Kirsty Ward, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Stella McCartney, Mui Mui, Prada, J.W. Anderson, Vivienne Westwood, Braganza, McQueen.

My target reader’s interests: fashion, art, photography, going out with friends – to gig or pubs, music, literature, technology…

According to the mentioned brands and interests I created adverts for my magazine. For some of them I had troubles to find high resolution photos and although I resized them on Photoshop and changed their resolution to 300 they came out pixelated when printed.

The features/content of my magazine were picked in consideration of the categories my interviewees would like to find in a publication:



First ideas

first ideas

spider web – first ideas

When I plan a project I like to draw things and make notes to come up with and collect my ideas. For editorials I usually make flat plans which I also used to plan the content of my magazine more specific.

first flat plan

very first flat plan


first flat plan1

second flat plan

table of content oh comely

what I have so far

what I have so far1

further plans

Interview with future textile designer Sophy Stoenner

I met fashion and future textile designer Sophy Stoenner who invented Real Fake Fur for an interview and was allowed to photograph a few of her trimming samples for my magazine. I wish I would have had more space in the magazine to write a bigger piece about her work.


Who are you? Sophy Stoenner, 26, fashion and textile designer, Germany

What is she doing/what’s her project about? Created non-synthetic and animal-friendly alternative to fur: Elegant delicate trimmings out of real animal hair which had been collected, combed-out or shaved-off.

Why this project? What is her aim? Fur industry still popular –people have reduced purchase of complete fur coats for ethnical approach but sale numbers have increased in the last two year for 5.4 % -reason: trimmings on garments – consumers don’t think about animals if there is only a little piece on coat, glove,… Sophy wanted to have a look “behind” this aspect. She wants the consumers to pay more attention. The designer herself is an animal lover and thinks that nowadays there is no reason to say fur is necessary to keep someone warm. Our industry is so well-established –there is a huge variety of technical material which is proven to safe warmth much better than fur.

What was her inspiration? Animals – fur markings. 20s fashion- fur was a must-have, didn’t matter if affordable or no -still a big topic (after almost 100 years!).

How ideas to practical work-which techniques are used? Designer contacted sheep farmers, animal welfare organisations…  The provided a variety of animal hair. Hair was assimilated by traditional hairdressing tools, e.g. extensions. Technical techniques: keratin bonding, ultrasonic bonding. Classical techniques: felting, braiding.

Which expectations from the designer? How will audience respond? Stoenner looks at future textile trends. At the moment she is already thinking about trends in 2020. She would love the consumer to broaden their view for fur, show interest in her designs and in organic fashion. During the last years fashion has started to take little steps towards the organic sector. Stoenner mentioned though that these steps are only a tiny start. There are actually only two big and successful labels associated with organic clothing at the moment (camper and edun). The young textile designer hopes that biological garments or biological production techniques will be far more normal/trendy by 2020.


Collaboration with Iranzu Baker and Fran Mendez

Iranzu Baker is on the MA course for Fashion Journalism at LCF, Fran Mendez is artist and regularly works as photographer as well. As Iranzu had to create a magazine for her course as well we decided to work on one editorial shoot together. Iranzu was in charge of Creative Direction, we both did the styling, I additionally acted as Make up Artist and Fran took the photos. We wanted to create images which communicate the feeling of spring, the feeling of the new, the feeling of opening the doors for beginnings.

In the end, I just used two of the photos – one for my intro, one for the goodbye.



Inspired by the Drawing factories from October and February made a few illustrations which I tried to include in the magazine. If I had had more time I would have made more e.g. for the trend pages or the story about markets in London.

editors letter frame


table of content flowersMy drawings from the first drawing factory are in my Amnesty International portfolio (which we still haven’t got back).

Spring poems

As my target reader is also interested in literature and poetry, I would like to have spring poems in my publication as well. Here are some I like:

Very Early Spring by Katherine Mansfield
The fields are snowbound no longer;
There are little blue lakes and flags of tenderest green.
The snow has been caught up into the sky–
So many white clouds–and the blue of the sky is cold.
Now the sun walks in the forest,
He touches the bows and stems with his golden fingers;
They shiver, and wake from slumber.
Over the barren branches he shakes his yellow curls.
Yet is the forest full of the sound of tears….
A wind dances over the fields.
Shrill and clear the sound of her waking laughter,
Yet the little blue lakes tremble
And the flags of tenderest green bend and quiver.
Spring Song by Lucy Maud Montgomery
Hark, I hear a robin calling!
List, the wind is from the south!
And the orchard-bloom is falling
Sweet as kisses on the mouth.

In the dreamy vale of beeches
Fair and faint is woven mist,
And the river’s orient reaches
Are the palest amethyst.

Every limpid brook is singing
Of the lure of April days;
Every piney glen is ringing
With the maddest roundelays.

Come and let us seek together
Springtime lore of daffodils,
Giving to the golden weather
Greeting on the sun-warm hills.

Ours shall be the moonrise stealing
Through the birches ivory-white;
Ours shall be the mystic healing
Of the velvet-footed night.

Ours shall be the gypsy winding
Of the path with violets blue,
Ours at last the wizard finding
Of the land where dreams come true.

To The Spring by Friedrich von Schiller
Welcome, gentle Stripling,
Nature’s darling thou!
With thy basket full of blossoms,
A happy welcome now!
Aha!–and thou returnest,
Heartily we greet thee–
The loving and the fair one,
Merrily we meet thee!
Think’st thou of my maiden
In thy heart of glee?

I love her yet, the maiden–
And the maiden yet loves me!
For the maiden, many a blossom
I begged–and not in vain!
I came again a-begging,
And thou–thou givest again:
Welcome, gentle Stripling,
Nature’s darling thou–
With thy basket full of blossoms,
A happy welcome now!

Editorial with photographer Federico Sorrentino

Styling student Patricia Villirillo and I have known each other for a while and if we have some extra time we work on projects together. Recently we both acted as stylists on a shoot with Italian photographer Federico Sorrentino. I wanted to put some of the images from the shoot into the magazine but there wasn’t enough space and my other editorials seemed more relevant to the spring theme.