FASHION PROMOTION – event or promo?

Analysing the two fashion films

The Wang Film (directed by Craig McDean)


Gareth Pugh Fash Off: SHOWstudio

The Wang Film is all about Wang’s Fall 2010 collection. Within less than a minute it features a model in a dark, sinister room wearing one of the collection’s pieces. She seems fashionable, cool, independent, perhaps a bit gothic, slightly sinister herself and careless (which could be seen as the effortless fashionable Wang style). The room, the model as well as the background music give the viewer an idea of what the collection is about. At the same time, the film tells the viewer about the brand image. It can be said that the film is a promotion of the collection as well as the fashion brand in general.

Gareth Pugh Fash Off on SHOWstudio on the other hand has a slightly different approach. In the almost 10min long film the fashion designer is shown from different angles. First of all, he’s filmed applying face paint and giving himself different looks. These looks could represent how faceted the artist is. It seems like he is not afraid to change his appearance e.g. to play a clown in order to stand out. In all looks he uses glitter – this combined with the background music (You are a superstar) could communicate how his courage to stand out turned him into a star. The next sequences show Pugh dressed up as a poodle and covered in shiny discs which could again represent his braveness when it comes to being different and to shine. Afterwards, the designer can be seen building a house out of playing cards, it falling down and them him building it up again etc. All in all, I believe to see the designer’s story in the film, his career with all it’s different sides and ups and downs. There’s something informative about it and something artistic. It reminds very much of an art installation (an event) that promotes Gareth Pugh as a person, his image or perhaps how he wants (his brand) to be perceived by society. This shows that there is a very fine line between a promotion and an event – they go hand in hand.

My Creative Media Project: The Photo Shoot – Behind the scenes

photo (2) photo (4) photo (5) photo (6) photo (7) photo (8) photo (9) photo (10) photo (12) photo (13)Many thanks to photographer Benjamin Carr Evans, Hair Stylist Hyekun Lily Park, Make-up Artist KyungJu Claire Chung, Models Stephanie Silva and Lu Hui, Styling Assistant Alexandra Kulinska, designers Ciara Monahan, Alexandra El Saddi and Robyn Louisa Strong, jewellery brand Inimi, the National Theatre Hire, Coffin on Cake PR, illustrator Viktorija Semjonova as well as Roxana Merlusca and Andrea Haaser for their support!!