Interview with future textile designer Sophy Stoenner

I met fashion and future textile designer Sophy Stoenner who invented Real Fake Fur for an interview and was allowed to photograph a few of her trimming samples for my magazine. I wish I would have had more space in the magazine to write a bigger piece about her work.


Who are you? Sophy Stoenner, 26, fashion and textile designer, Germany

What is she doing/what’s her project about? Created non-synthetic and animal-friendly alternative to fur: Elegant delicate trimmings out of real animal hair which had been collected, combed-out or shaved-off.

Why this project? What is her aim? Fur industry still popular –people have reduced purchase of complete fur coats for ethnical approach but sale numbers have increased in the last two year for 5.4 % -reason: trimmings on garments – consumers don’t think about animals if there is only a little piece on coat, glove,… Sophy wanted to have a look “behind” this aspect. She wants the consumers to pay more attention. The designer herself is an animal lover and thinks that nowadays there is no reason to say fur is necessary to keep someone warm. Our industry is so well-established –there is a huge variety of technical material which is proven to safe warmth much better than fur.

What was her inspiration? Animals – fur markings. 20s fashion- fur was a must-have, didn’t matter if affordable or no -still a big topic (after almost 100 years!).

How ideas to practical work-which techniques are used? Designer contacted sheep farmers, animal welfare organisations…  The provided a variety of animal hair. Hair was assimilated by traditional hairdressing tools, e.g. extensions. Technical techniques: keratin bonding, ultrasonic bonding. Classical techniques: felting, braiding.

Which expectations from the designer? How will audience respond? Stoenner looks at future textile trends. At the moment she is already thinking about trends in 2020. She would love the consumer to broaden their view for fur, show interest in her designs and in organic fashion. During the last years fashion has started to take little steps towards the organic sector. Stoenner mentioned though that these steps are only a tiny start. There are actually only two big and successful labels associated with organic clothing at the moment (camper and edun). The young textile designer hopes that biological garments or biological production techniques will be far more normal/trendy by 2020.


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