The cover

first cover ideas

first cover ideas

I knew fairly soon that I wanted to covers for my unisex magazine – one with a girl, one with a boy. To have both on one issue I decided to have a girl on the front cover, the boy at the back cover. In general I wanted to keep the covers simple – black and white with hardly any text and a straight forward font. When taking the photos I decided to bring flowers in (to emphasize that my magazine is a spring issue). Therefore, I accessorized Natasha’s white shirt with a flower headband and picked a flowery patterned shirt for Ben. I wanted both to wear shirts to make the covers consistent/ to show the are covers for the same magazine. For the background I chose wrapping paper with ‘writing’ on to create a link to the poetry used in the magazine.


Natasha is also in one of my editorial shoot, Ben is introduced in the part ‘Emerging Artists’ in my magazine. As I don’t have much writing/descriptions on the cover I wanted cover models who are also mentioned in the magazine ( as reference what to expect from the inside/the content).

The cover images:

cover image 1



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