interview with singer Rebecca Promitzer

Rebecca Promitzer is an artist from London and well-known for her children’s novel ‘The Pickle King’. After writing her own songs as well she released her first album in 2011. Her songs are quite emotional – the music itself a mixture out of jazz, alternative and a little bit of indie rock – definitely something my target reader would listen to.

I met the singer and writer for an interview a few weeks ago and was allowed to take photos of her for my magazine. I felt really comfortable talking to Rebecca. She commented later that she was impressed with my questions ;).

The interview – my questions and notes I took of Rebecca’s answers

  • In 2011 you released you first album ‘Kill That Song’. What was the inspiration for it? R: Lost love, magic, mystery, healing
  • Where do you get the inspiration for your songs? R: From places in my mind and in the world – atmospheric places
  • What is your favorite song and why? R: I have three – one of them is Kill That Song. The songs I like are painful – the most intense emotionally
  • When did you start thinking about a singing career? R: When I was little I sang all the time – it had a lot to do with comforting myself. When I got older I took singing lessons – I loved it and felt more and more confident about my voice.
  • What would you recommend other musicians who just start off? R: Don’t worry about what others think or fame. Listen to your feelings, observe yourself and find out what you want in your life. Expressing yourself is important to satisfy your artistic soul.
  • Which other singers would you like to meet and what would you ask them? R: John Lennon – I would ask him if he knew he would be seen as a visionary. Roy Orbison – I would ask him why he always wore dark glasses. Maria Callas, Elvis and Julian Casablancas. I have met a few artists I admire: The Felice Borthers, Nicole Atkins, Regina Spektor.
  • What are your upcoming projects? R: I am working on a new record – every song will be about another place and I am planning to do some gigs this year at atmospheric places like Hoxton Hall or The Union Chapel.
  • What would you wear on a gig? R: Something comfortable, something I can breathe in. Probably something more classic mixed with something more dramatic. I quite like the style of the young Marianne Faithfull.
  • How would you describe yourself in 3-5 words? R: Ooh, 3-5? I would say I am passionate, authentic, intense, playful, mischievous, dark – oh, that’s more than 5 already…
  • What is your favorite thing about spring? R: The feeling of the new, the promise of summer

Out of Rebecca’s answers I wrote a little feature about her which can be found in the music section of my magazine. Originally I wanted to write more about her but I didn’t have that much space left in the magazine and I had to shorten my article.

I recorded Rebecca during the interview and wanted to upload the record to the blog but it didn’t work – an error message appeared saying I couldn’t upload the file out of security reasons.

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