Interview with Lola Colt

A few months ago I met the London based band Lola Colt and got the chance to interview their singer gun and their guitarist Matt before one of their gigs. I would like to interview to appear in the music section of my magazine. I also sent the interview to BlackSuede Magazine – an online magazine who published it as a collaboration. For BlackSuede I changed the last interview question though as their latest issue is all about Britian – instead of what they like about spring I asked what they like about Britain.

I was a little bit nervous before the interview but in the end it was quite relaxing. The interviewees were lovely and open to my answers.

Where did you get your inspiration from for the band name?
Matt: It’s taken from an Italian pure 60s Western –a bit random but it’s about a black cowgirl who kind of goes into a bit of a rampage into bad guys. It’s such a bizarre contradiction having someone like that in that situation at that time and there are a lot of flaws in the film in a way. We felt that it is a kind of mongrel and it never fitted nicely into that genre.  We got a bit of a relationship through it. We think also the main thing is the film is feminine.  It fits down our music well – a strong feminine name. It clicked; you know how you see something and it feels right and goes with it.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Gun: I don’t think we have had highlights like one highlight. I think for me every gig is great. We don’t play that many gigs but every gig is different and a highlight.

Who would you like to perform with on stage?
Matt: Musicians that we respect; someone with vision and a musical ear. Someone who could come along and bring another angle that you can throw something in that people wouldn’t expect.

What are your future plans and upcoming releases/tours?
Matt: We had a break over the summer doing writing and stuff, so this is the first gig back after that and we’ve got a lot of other gigs; we’ve got a gig every week this month. We are playing a big festival in Liverpool at the end of the year. We are trying to work up to produce more stuff; that’s really what our focus is for the rest of the year and just playing some more shows if we can afford it. We’ve got a new track that hasn’t been out. It’s kind of like the best of European music. It’s under the Angel label. There will be a lot of gig surrounding the time when it’s getting released.

What is your favourite thing about spring?
Gun: The warm weather. Nothing is better than sitting in the sun, playing my guitar and working on songs.
Matt: Sitting outside a pub with some good British beer –we love Ale.


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