Interview and shoot with photographer Benjamin Carr Evans

Benjamin Carr Evans is a young photographer from outside of London focusing on food and conceptual photography. He was more than happy to talk to me about his work and to pose as male cover model.


How did you come up with being a photographer? 

B: My dad gave me my first camera when I was quite young. I loved taking images and the idea of capturing one specific moment straight away.

What are your current/upcoming projects?

B: I just finished a food photography project for chef Adam Fortes. Now I am working on art pieces for the Scottish Letter Cutting Society and additionally assist Chris Biggs on commercial shoots for brands such as Harrods, Tropicana or McDonalds. 

Which techniques do you use?

B: I try to keep my images as raw as possible. Instead of doing loads of editing after I already make adjustments and experiment in order to get the best exposure, different effects when taking photos of a model, an object. 

What is the most important thing about being a photographer?

B: Especially if you are in conceptual photography it is important to have a dream and to know what you need to do to get there. The more a shoot is planned the more successful it can be. If you know what you want it is much easier to achieve.

A few images of the shoot:

Benjamin - photographed and styled by Katharina

Benjamin – photographed and styled by Katharina


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