Target reader of FF magazine – first analysis

  • male or female
  • 20-40 years old
  • employed in creative field or art student
  • well-educated
  • interested in art, fashion, literature, lifestyle, travel
  • not too underground but also not mainstream
  • mixes fashion from markets, vintage stores, high street and designer brands
  • aware of quality (fashion, art, literature but also food, lifestyle)
  • interested in trends (fashion, technology..) but also in heritage, investment pieces
  • sustainability awareness
  • lives around Old Street, Hoxton, Brixton or when older in areas such as Angel, Croach End, Muswell Hill
  • go to gigs, markets, art faires in free-time
  • other magazines they read: AnOther Magazine, Fiasco, Men About Town, The Gentlewomen, Oh Comely!, Hunger

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